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[h2_heading]Who We Are[/h2_heading]

Integrity Insource Group represents Professional Employer Organizations (PEO) that are committed to providing timely, accurate and cost-effective solutions to your small- to mid-size business. Our business model was derived from 15 years of development and, today, our company combines solid industry relationships with expert knowhow.

A PEO provides a vast number of services, including Workers Comp, Payroll Services, Staffing Services, Human Resource Management and more. When you select Integrity Insource Group as a partner for your organization, your company will quickly be able to reassign staff and make cost reductions that were once committed to the daily tasks of managing employees.

If your company could use an expert approach to employee management, feel free to contact us today. Our representatives are ready to get to know you and your goals for running a more efficient employee management program. Send us your thoughts and a representative will call you today!

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At Integrity Insource Group, we have built a 15-year relationship with the most trusted names in the industry.


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Staffing Solutions that delivers quality people, qualified to the position desired at a competitive pay scale.


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Integrity Insource Group associates provide a variety of accurate, timely and compliant payroll solutions.


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Integrity Insource Group is associated with a network of companies backed by a billion dollars’ worth of assets.